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Modular Plug & Boot


Use Teijin PC material from Japan with excellent transparency, flexibility and durability.

Gold plating thickness pass strict salt spray test.

High performance pass strict 100% component test for Cat.6 and Cat.6A.

Complete production lines from stamping, gold plating, injection and insertion.

Full series from RJ11 to RJ45 with full gold plating thickness from 0FU" to 50U".

How to read one plug specification

For example

SP88RE50V2 stands for: one modular plug, 8P8C, for round cable, E blade(2 -prong blade), 50U" gold plating thickness, 94-V2 PC material.

Contact blade

E blade: 2-prong blades fit for stranded wires only.

Y blade: 3-prong blades fit for both stranded and solid wires.

Gold plating thickness:FU", 03U",06U", 15U", 30U" and 50u"

0Зu"=0.07um, 0бu"=0.15um, 15u"=0.З8um, З0u"=0.76um, 50u"=1.27um

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