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CAT.6 UTP plug 2 parts 4up 4down

GYA Modular plug meet the following standards:


ISO/IEC 11801 

ANSI/TIA-1096-A (FCC Part 68)


IEC 60603-7

CAT.6 UTP plug 2 parts 4up 4down

GYA High quality CAT.6 RJ45 8P8C UTP Modular plug. 

Use Teijin PC material with excellent transpacy, flexibility and durability.

4up, 4down 2 parts structure for good and stable performance

Full gold thickness FU", 03MU", 6U", 15U", 30U",50U".

Different colors are all available.

Our modular plug are UL, RoHS & REACH certified.

All colors are available

Small MOQ for long term working relationship 

Welcome for OEM/ODM

GYA Part No. & Description:

SP88RE50V2I1D two parts 4up 4 down Cat.6 UTP Modular Plug  designed for Stranded UTP Lan Cable

SP88RY50V2I1D two parts 4up 4 down Cat.6 UTP Modular Plug designed for Stranded & Solid UTP Lan Cable

E: means 2 prongs for stranded wire

Y: means 3 prongs for stranded and solid wire 


Gold Plating:

Fu" /0.016um ,1u" /0.0254um ,3u"/0.076um, 6u"/0.l5um, 15u"/038um, 30u"/0.76um, 50u"/1.27um


Inspection for Environmental Protection:

Based on the performed tests on submitted sample,

The test results are Compliant with the limits of ROHS & REACH.

Electrial Characteristics:

Rated Current: 125V AC, 1.5A@25°C

Contact Resistance: 20M Ohm Max

Isulation Resistance:500M Ohm Min, 100V DC/min

Voltage Proof: 1000V AC/1 minute no breakdown


Mechanical Characteristics:

Insertion Force & Withdrawal Force : 20N Max

Durability: 750 cycles Min 

Gold Plate Inspection:

Per MIL-G-45204C TYPEII (99% pure gold minimum) 

Grade C+ (knoop hardness range 130-250)

Class 1(50 micro inches minimum thickness)

Material & Finish:

Housing Material: Polycarbonate (PC)

Contact blade: High strength copper alloy [JIS C5191R-H(PBR-2)] . 100 micro inches nickel under plated & gold selected BSI EN 60603-7/(IEC60603-7)

Operation Temperature: -40°C~+85°C


We are recognized with good reputation in Structured Cabling Industry and have the pleasure doing OEM/ODM for many good brands.

OEM Logo on Plug

OEM Design on Package & Label

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